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  See what our clients say about Chinawhy below, and we welcome you to leave your comment after using our service.
  "I used Chinawhy's supplier verification service, their 26-page report is helpful, I would say it is a bit more than my expectation."
Service used: Supplier verification service
Project time: 2011
  Glen Pratt, Australia
Business development manager, Red Devil Enterprises
  "I have been doing business with China since 1983, have used different sourcing agents, sourcing firms, QC firms, until I found Chinawhy. I am happy with their works."
Service used: QC and Supplier verification service
Project time: 2011
  Frederik Nielsen, Denmark
CEO, DerkeTek ApS
  " Chinawhy is not our service provider, they are our business partners, they handle all the sourcing projects for our company, from supplier development to QC inspection, I am more than happy with what they delievered."
Service used: Sourcing, QC and Supplier verification service
Project time: 2010
  Mike P Edwards, United States
CEO, Home Instincts Inc.
  "I just want to say thank you to Steven and his colleague, I am happy with your work, I will come back.."
Service used: Sourcing
Project time: 2010
  John Clarer, United States
CEO, Systems & Solutions
  "I have used other company with our auto parts sourcing projects in China, but we finally choosed Chinawhy, I am impressed with their professionalism."
Service used: Sourcing, QC and Supplier verification service
Project time: 2010
  Oswaldo Diniz, Brazil
President, Leco Auto Parts
  " We had an issue with our supplier in Wuxi, Chinawhy helped us to sort it out, we also used their service to develop a new supplier, I appreciated the assistance and help, Steven."
Service used: Sourcing, QC and Supplier verification service
Project time: 2010
  Jim Highsmith, United States
Purchasing Manager, CCJK.
  "I am new to import business, my previous experience is mainly in marketing, stuff like SEO, Chinawhy helped us develop a sourcing plan and it turned out to be a big success to us, I highly recommend their service to others."
Service used: Sourcing and QC service
Project time: 2010
  Marco, Spain
Sourcing Manager, Waveboard Spain.
  " Due to Visa issue, we are unable to attend an important laboratory industry exhibition in Shanghai, Chinawhy attend the exhibition on our behalf and send us a 30-kilo-weight box filled of brochures and seller informations."
Service used: Trade show attendance and assistance
Project time: 2009
  Darra company, Saudi Arab
  " Very impressive work from Chinawhy, will use their sourcing service again, they mean it when they say ĘC cheaper, safer and easier."
Service used: China sourcing and quality assurance service
Project time: 2009
  Pearl Weaver, South Africa
Purchasing Manager, Planet Hoodia
  " I am new to import & export business, Steven and Chinawhy's staffs are very helpful, it is really a good experience working with them."
Service used: Sourcing service
Project time: 2009
  Joseph Parrinello, U.S
  " I have been using Chinawhy sourcing and quality assurance service since 2007, I must say I am really impressed with the work delivered by Chinawhy, I will continue to use their services for my business in China."
Service used: company verification service and quality assurance service
Project time: since 2007
  Tico Kamide, Brazil
CEO, Unotrade Tecnologia Ltda
  "Thank you for a thorough and excellent job. I certainly will use Chinawhy Company verification service again in future when I need to verify any Chinese company"
Service used: company verification service
Project time: May 2008
  Folarin Afuwape, Nigeria
  "Working with Steven has been great. He is smart, helpful and has a knowledge of the Internet that is rare. He has helped develop two of our websites. We have a strong, ongoing relationship with Steven and look forward to working with him for years to come."
Service used: business promotion & marketing package
Project time: April, 2008.
  Paul Azous
President, Business Plan Advisors