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Your Importing from China and Exporting to China business are growing fast, but not to the extent to spend hundreds of thousands USD every year to set up representative office or subsidiary company in China, also you doní»t want to be bothered with labor law, office renting, tax and government issues, We could help you.

Our facility:
Offices in South, East and North China;
Real telephone, tax, mobile number;
Companies entity with Import/Export license and Trade processing license;
Experienced and bilingual staffs in Import/Export, Shipping, Tax , Law and Accounting.

When you will need us, in occasions of:
a. Tell your clients that you are a multinational company, your clients can call us, visit us, and meet us.
b. Send and receive samples
c. If you are trading or sourcing company, doní»t want the end clients to know real suppliers, but in many cases they need to know or pay to the real suppliers, you could use us as your í░Supplierí▒.
d. Supervise and manage your Chinese suppliers and/or business partners.
e. Suppliers in China doní»t have export license or processing trade license, you can use ours
f. Buyers in China doní»t have import license or processing trade license, you can use ours
g. You are struggling when dealing with Chinese suppliers, partners or matters like laws, accountings, import and export practice.
h. Scammed or hurt by Chinese companies, and are afraid to be hurt again.
i. You doní»t want to spend hundred of thousand USD to set up subsidiary company in China, but you need reliable and professional local teams to support your business operation in China

Let us help you.


Please call 0086 181 451 88515 or email us at support@chinawhy.net to contact us now.