The Export of China’s Textile and Apparel in October 2012

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In October 2012, the export of China’s textile and apparel returned to rapid growth. The export value in October was 22.75 billion US dollars which increased by 15.8% than the same period of last year; The export of textile reached 8.05 billion US dollars which increased by 8.1% than the same period o […]

China Becomes Brazil's Largest Consumer of Agricultural Commodities

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According to Newspaper of S. Paulo (Polha de S. Paulo), China is trying to catch up with Europe and is becoming Brazil’s biggest consumer of agricultural commodities. In the first part of this year, China has purchased 24.3 percent of the Brazil’s export agricultural commodities, and that number […]

China's Auto Exports Are Expected to Score a Record High of 1 Million Cars

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According to the statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China's auto export in October this year was 86,700, down by 21.1% when compared with that of September, whereas up by 24.4% over the same period last year. From January to October, the total export of automobile is 871, […]

China’s Export of Christmas Products Saw Grave Slowdown

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European debt crisis has generated a severe impact on toys and gift industry. At present the toy orders have dropped by 10%, the gift orders fell by20% -30 %. In some companies the percentage even decreased by 70 %. China is the largest producer and exporter of Christmas products. Many cities in Zhejia […]

The Export of Traditional Chinese Medicine to EU Reduced Sharply by 50%

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In June, the exports of Chinese patent medicine to the EU have reduced to half compared with the exports over the same period last year. By now, Chinese medicine companies have to swallow the bitter pill of their own making. They have to pay a dear price for wasting away the seven-year preparation period be […]

Chinese Suppliers: Orders Become Burden

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In 2011, orders coming in flock could not upbeat exporting enterprises. Journalist of Half Month Talk found in an investigation that this year many companies showed hesitation and choosy when taking orders. They prefer short term order to long term one, and small-scale to big purchase. Even if purchase […]

China Customs: Import and Export Volume Exceeds 1700 Billion USD in first half of 2011

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According to the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, from January to June, China’s total volume of import and export had reached 1703.67 billion US dollar, 25.8% more than that of the corresponding period(similarly hereinafter )last year, of which the export volu […]

Qualified RE Export Companies To Be Shrink Down to 20 Next Year

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The number of enterprises with export certifications of rare-earth (RE) has dropped to 32 currently from 47 in 2006, and it has a chance of further shrinking down next year. “Probably under 20 with all pure RE trading companies being screened out leaving only entity enterprises.” A reliable […]