Analysis of China's Cotton Imports In 2012

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According to authoritative statistics, from January to December 2012, China’s total imports value of cotton (HS52010000) amounted to $ 11.808 billion, a year on year increase of 24.7%. China's cotton imports amounted to 5,137,300 tons, an increase of 52.72%. Major sources countries are the United States and India, followed by Australia. These three source countries accounted for 72.42 percent of total imports. Among the five continents, the largest volume of imports is derived from Asia and North America, which accounted for 63.7% of the world’s total. And the largest economies to import cotton are the North America Free Trade Area and the SAARC, accounting for 58.7% of the world’s total.

Analysis of the main countries of origin
From January-December 2012, the main source countries of China's imports of cotton (HS52010000)are the United States , India, Australia, Brazil , Uzbekistan, and Mali, the amount of imports were 1,463,600 tons , 1,438,700 tons , 818,600 tons , 367,100 tons , 309,800 tons , and 107,400 tons respectively.

And from January-December 2012, China's cotton imports from the country rose by at least more than 4 percent, amounting to 49.24%, 41.83%, 54.60%, 70.88%, 84.67%, and 154.86% respectively. Among these countries the fastest growing import country is Mali, scoring a record high of 154.86%, followed by a growth of 84.67 percent in Uzbekistan
These countries accounted for 28.49%, 28.00%, 15.93%, 7.15%, 6.03%, and 2.09% in our total import. And 70% of China’s imports come from the United States, India and Australia. The six countries accounted for more than 87% of imports, and the value of imports accounted for 88% of the total amount, taking up more than 80% market share.

The price of China’s cotton import from the 6 countries above from January-December 2012 were $ 2,520 , $ 2,110 , $ 2,340 , $ 2,220 , $ 2,240 , and $ 2,420 per ton, among which the import price from India was the lowest and those from the U.S. and Mali were the highest. The Import prices decreased substantially over the same period last year, representing -16.00 %, -19.47 %, -20.14 %,-20.71 %, -25.83 %, and -2.81 % respectively. Apart from Mali, which declined only slightly, the rest of them all experienced an overall average decline of about 20%.

Market analysis of global economies
From January to December 2012, China's cotton imports from all continents show that Asia is the largest import source, accounting for 35.28%; followed by North America, accounting for 28.49%. After them are Africa, Latin America and Europe, accounting for 10.13%, 8.74%, and 1.22% respectively.

From January to December 2012, China's cotton imports from all major economies show that NAFTA and the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation are largest import source, accounting for 29.79% and 28.91% respectively. Followed by UNASUR 7.43% , EU27, 1.23% , EAFTA, 0.02% and the 10 ASEAN countries, 0.02% .

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