Footwear Industry Cooperation between China and ASEAN

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During the just concluded Fourth China - ASEAN Industry Cooperation Conference, a consensus has been made between China and the president of the Footwear Association of ASEAN countries on promoting footwear industry cooperation.

On the 19th(this month), when interviewed by reporter from, Xu Ningning, Deputy Secretary-General of the China - ASEAN Business Council said that during this conference, China - ASEAN Business Council, the China Leather Industry Association, Chinese entrepreneurs and Footwear Association leaders in six ASEAN countries, namely  Cambodia, Indonesia , Malaysia, Thailand , Philippines, and Vietnam had jointly signed a memorandum of cooperation to establish the China - ASEAN Footwear Industry Cooperation Committee.

Xu said that this is the first time China and ASEAN have signed a specialized document on footwear industry cooperation, so as to promote the linkage and the cooperation within footwear as well as related industry.
He was quite optimistic that the establishment of a suitable mechanism is conducive to driving the mutual cooperation in footwear industry into a new phase.

According to Eddy Widjanarko Kho, chairman of the Indonesian Footwear Association, ASEAN countries should cooperate more closely with China. And the China - ASEAN Footwear Industry Cooperation Committee would exert a positive effect on the China - ASEAN economic cooperation. Over the past three years, the export value of Indonesian footwear has nearly doubled. Therefore he welcomed strong Chinese footwear enterprises in Indonesia to jointly develop brand products.

Ngo Dai Quang, vice president of Vietnam Leather and Footwear Association, said that Vietnam’s leather and footwear industry played an important role in the domestic industry and economy, second only to the textile and oil industries. Now Vietnam has more than 800 existing leather and shoe factories, among which although the foreign direct investment factories are in small quantities, the output value accounted for 35 percent, and the exports turnover accounted for 70%. However, there are some deficiencies in Vietnamese supporting industries. And it requires a large amount of import in leather and machine, which are mainly from China, and Vietnam particularly hope that China and other ASEAN countries to invest in supporting industries. In this sense, the establishment of China - ASEAN Cooperation Committee can promote investment cooperation.

Ng Dai Quang, vice-chairman of the Footwear Association of Malaysia thinks that Malaysia has its advantage in designing. "For us, the cooperation of China and ASEAN is a greater chance, which means that we have a larger market; the establishment of the Cooperation Council may combine the advantages of both.”

Chanin Jitkomut , chairman of the Thailand Footwear Association, stressed that Thailand shoe companies has done too much OEM production for the international brands. If it can cooperate with China and other ASEAN countries, it will be beneficial for Thailand to build their own brand in the region.

Su Chaoying, president of China Leather Association, said that China is a recognized big country for shoe making, which has great cooperation potential with ASEAN as their capital, technology, labor resources, equipment, and hardware accessories are highly complementary. In addition, cooperation can also be carried out in technical and design training. It is hoped that Committee meeting can be held periodically thereafter, to accelerate and promote pragmatic cooperation .

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