2012 Bilateral Trade Profile between China and Brazil

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According to the statistics of the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat, in 2012,the import and export trade volume between Brazil and China amounted to 75.48 billion, representing a decrease of 2.1%,among which the Brazilian exports to China decreased by 7.0% to $41.23 billion,whereas the amount of the Brazil imports from China reached $34.25 billion, up by 4.5%, leaving Brazil a total trade surplus of $ 6.98 billion, down by 39.5%. China now has become Brazil‘s largest trading partner, export destination and source of imports.

The minerals are the main products of Brazilian exports to China. In 2012, the exports volume was $ 20.21 billion, down by 19.9% , accounting for 49.0% of Brazil's total exports to China. Plant products is Brazil’s the second largest exports to China , with a total of $ 12.07 billion , an increase of 9.8% , accounting for 29.3% of Brazilian exports to China. Substantial economic growth in Brazil has been driven by China’s steady economy. In 2012, Brazilian’s export of chemical products, transport equipment, animal product to China experienced a growth of 59.9% , 41.8% and 31.2% respectively .

Mechanical and electrical products, textiles and raw materials and chemical products are the main commodities Brazil imported from China, the total volume of which amounted to $ 24.05 billion, accounting for 70.2% of Brazil’s total imports from China. China continues to maintain a competitive edge in the export of labor-intensive products. Brazilian import of textiles and raw materials, furniture, toys, leather bags and other light industrial products ranked the second, the seventh and the tenth respectively in large categories of goods (HS) imported from China. India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Italy, France, Argentina, Uruguay, and are China 's main competitors on these products.

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