According to the statistics of China Customs, in December 2012 , China imported a total of 8597 units of metalworking machine tools, a year on year decrease of 455 units, while the import turnover amounted to $ 1.08 billion, a relative stable amount compared with that of the last year. The unit price experienced a growth of 5.5%, at $ 127,000 /unit.

From January to December 2012, China's total import of metalworking machine tools amounted to 110208 units, down by 3.7%. And the import turnover amounted to approximately $ 13.66 billion, a year - on - year growth of 3.2%, with a unit price of $ 124,000 / unit.
Since 2012, China's import turnover and volume of metalworking machine tools witnessed increase month by month, but the average unit price has gradually declined from a record high in January of $ 161,000 / piece to $ 116,000/piece in March. In April, the price increased to $ 119,000 / unit. And in May and June, the price slightly increased to about $ 120,000 / again. And in July the price fell to $ 118,000 / unit. By August, it again rose to more than $ 120,000/unit, but it dropped to $ 109,000 in October /unit, and in November and December, the price grew to over 120,000/unit again.

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