Factory Refuse Orders Due to Power Shortage

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Various methods are taken to deal with power shortage

Electricity shortage spread nationwide. Guangdong didn’t escape from it either. Days before, our journalist visited several manufacturers in Shenzheng, Dongguan and Foshan. Their feedback was that the ration of power supply 1-3 times a week have held back their production, output capacity decreased by 15% to 20%, they dare not take any offers right now.

A related person of Industry and Information Commission of Guangdong Province (IICG) expressed that Guangdong is now in the serious period of power shortage. The electricity restriction is expected to be canceled in October.

Regional power restriction has been carried out for two months in Shenzhen

When taking site interview in the region of Hualong and Gongming in Shenzhen, journalist found that regional restriction of electricity has been carried out for about two months here, sometimes in Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and sometimes in Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Workers could only stay at home or wander around during the restriction period.

In the Lisonglang Industrial Park of Gaoming town in Shenzheng, a person from a copper foil factory told journalist that both company and customer have suffered from power shortage since March. No power, no production, they could not take any order even though there are some. As he said, since there are almost no orders, many companies chose to take a break during the restriction.

High Power Technology, a battery manufacturer in Pinghu town of Shenzhen also suffered from the spasmodic power supply. Pan Dangyou, the Chief of Board told journalist that power is restricted one or two days every week now. They used to have week-off on Saturday and Sunday, but now they are forced to shift it to Tuesday and Thursday.

Power cut for 1 to 3 days in Dongguan every week

Qin Yongfeng, the Chief of Board of CTE Energy whose main business is lithium battery exportation, is worrying about the restriction recently, “two days of per week, there will be a blackout basically, sometimes even without notice. It’s been like this since April. Once our production line stopped, all products on the line will become nothing but waste.”

Zhong Jianrong, General Manager of Gar Win in Dongguan that specialized in toys disclosed that though orders of this year have been arranged till August, restriction of electricity still brought a lot of troubles. He said, there were three days blackouts per week before, now there is still one day blackout.

Li Ke, General Manager of Fuyun Furniture told journalist that the restriction is usually not fixed. Since they don’t know when it will come, in order to catch up the time limit, they could only adjust week-off days. For instance, if power cut on Monday, they will shift the weekend to Monday, and to work on Sunday.

Chief of Jinbaoma Furniture, Cui Jianeng expressed that the power consumption peak avoiding time is not fixed, sometimes one day per week while sometimes three days per week. But luckily, the time will be noticed in advance so that we could have time to prepare to reduce lost.

Influence: decrease of output capacity

“The output has been reduced to 15% to 20%.” Pan said, “It is normal to postpone the delivery date. Though we have our own power produce equipment, the cost is too high.”

“Now 1/6 output was impact.” Qin said, since the production process of lithium battery calls for a great deal of power, many lithium battery enterprises became targets of power restriction. “Since it is slam season now, we could still survive. But till July, lithium battery will start its peak season. If then power restriction becomes common, it will impact a lot on the production and sales.” What Qin said is not a single case. As he said, all medium and small size enterprises in the region where his plant locates are facing the trouble. “Though office power is allowed, once it exceeds a certain amount, the power will be cut off.”

Methods: to reduce the loss of suspended production in various ways

First is to adjust working time: let workers rest in daytime when there is no power, and let them to work in night after electricity comes.

Second is to cooperate with enterprises of the same occupation: if our own plant blacks out, we will produce in other enterprises that does not power cut, said Zhong Jianrong, while we are powering on, we will help other enterprises to manufacture.

Third is to break up the whole into parts: generally the blackouts always targeted to production department with large machines, said Zhong, so he broke up productions that originally be manufactured with large machines into parts and outsourced to factories with small machines.

Fourth is to generate by themselves: Li Ke said when they hurried to hand out the order, they could only choose generator, but “generators cost a lot that we will not choose when there is still other ways”.

Voice from authority
Power restriction will last to October

High energy consumption enterprises will get major “concern”

Yesterday journalist got information from IICG that Guangdong’s shortage has reached 2 million kilowatts. Therefore, governments of all levels in Guangdong have taken the power consumption peak avoiding measures one after another. By negotiating with enterprises according to the shortage situation, governments and Power Supply Bureau adopted the avoiding measures. It is expected that till October, as the peak time past, related measures will also be stopped.

It is said that the measures will target especially on high power consumption enterprises including 8 industries of steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, calcium carbide, caustic soda, yellow phosphorous and zinc smelting as well as eliminated enterprises of earthenware and blenching and dyeing. Industries whose products with high power consumption and low added value such as textile will also need to avoid power peak.

When power shortage is too serious, the high power consumption and low efficiency enterprises that are not under national industry policies and listed as restriction objectives such as small steel, cement and dyeing enterprises will take the restriction measures even at night during peak time.

Power rationing will accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure in Guangdong

Yesterday when take phone interview from Zeng Tianren, president of Yingqi Industry in Dalang, the famous wool spinning city, he showed great surprise to the information of power restriction, “restriction? We never heard of it. Our power supply is quite normal.” Journalist found that many high-tech enterprises also didn’t suffer from restriction.

Viewing the point of 2 million kw shortage which is equal to last year, why so large amount enterprises cries out loud? An insider disclosed that the restriction focused mainly on high power consumption enterprises, over capacity enterprises and low added value enterprises while part high-tech and low power consumption enterprises are running normally without and impact.

The fact that some enterprises that weren’t restricted before are being restricted this year comes out of a comprehensive consideration of industrial restructuring and energy saving and emission reduction. “Since industry upgrade, energy saving and emission reducing have become a national strategy, we must speed up the process. And the power restriction measure can help achieve the goal.” A related person said, the goal of twelfth 5 years of Guangdong is to reduce 18% every unit GDP, thus the stress is huge.
It is said Guangdong has paid great effort in achieving the goal of reducing 16% during the eleventh 5years. Guangdong’s energy consumption per unit GDP equals only to 65% of national average level, and if the task be further added during the twelfth 5years, Guangdong will face a huge stress in energy saving.

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