4.Purchase top exporter list for your products from China Customs, stick with big suppliers only When coming to chemical trade, oftentimes, the purchase value can reach 1 million or even 10 million USD per order or per month. This is huge project. Many buyers will borrow loan from the bank to […]

The water in chemical industry is really deep. Last year alone, we have witnessed countless scams in this industry, due to the frauds, some buyers went bankruptcy, some quitted importing from China(they encountered same thing in Russia, Malaysia, and elsewhere), however, more and more buyers, regular o […]

Trick No.4 Change Price, Change Payment Term after You Signed Contract and Make Deposit Payment. You negotiated the price, and payment term and everything with the supplier, contract finalized, signed, deposit payment made. And you wait, and wait. You was told by the supplier that price of th […]

I am making a Chinese supplier blacklist today reported to us by Chinawhy Clients and users, we are surprised to see that nearly 50% scam stories come from chemical industry. Going through all these complaints and documents, we found many stories are alike, seems the scammers graduated from same univer […]