Due diligence in China: what you should do to prevent risk

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China's economy is booming, as world factory and world market, so as a ambitious foreign companies, you know you should have a plan in China. But, we know it is not easy to do business with companies in another country, in totally different country, such as China. Like it is in any other count […]

Tips on China company verification Part 4

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  How to verify Hongkong Offshore Company A late happy Chinese new year to all regular and new visiters of chinawhy.net, wish you a happy and prosperous new year ahead. I went back to South China to celebrate the lunar new year with my parents, brother and nephew during the long vocation. Famil […]

Tips on China company verification Part 3

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Visit local Administration for Industry and Commerce(AIC) website The most secured way to verify a China-based company is to visit the local administration of industry and commerce, check the company registration information of said company from local AIC with the information listed on their bus […]

Tips on China company verification part 2

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2) Website disclose very important information Dump a supplier if they don't have a website or email! Come on, we live in 21st century, we shouldn't trade with a company who we doubt is doing business and live in a cave. So when we are given the website url of a supplier, it is important […]

Tips on China company verification part 1

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The main users of Chinawhy are small business, who either don't have enough resources or don't have enough money to conduct a pre-transaction verification on potential suppliers. Search Ask Steven forum and Alibaba forum, we will see that a lot of scams and disputes could have been avoided if we cou […]

Gold suppliers and TrustPass suppliers on Alibaba

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I believe many new buyers will choose to do business with Gold Supplier and/or TrustPass member of Alibaba because they take it for granted that these company must be legit and trustworthy as they have been verified by Alibaba.com. There are cases that many buyers have been scammed by Gold suppliers or […]

Counterfiet product and scammer

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I have recently read an post on Chinaexpat, a guy complain that he thought he could buy cheap electronics in China before he come to china as EVERYTHING IS MADE IN CHINA, but after he comes, he found electronics here are more expensive than in Europe, he is quite puzzled about that. I bet what he is loo […]