Before the products are loaded to the ship, suppliers need to make custom clearance at China Customs. I am sure that many buyers are not aware that there are risks that China Customs might not release or even detain the products, which will cause late shipping. a. improper categorization of HS cod […]

4 Secrets of Late Delivery from Chinese Suppliers Part 1: You are not on VIP list

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You found a Chinese supplier on a trade show like Canton Fair, the suppliers looked good and professional, you gave them business, sent the payment and waited to receive the products. However, one delay after another, months on, your stock and inventory is running out, but the supplier still didn’t ma […]

Case Study of Partial Shipment

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Transportation is a key link of international trade. And the Transportation Clause is an indispensable part of contracts and letters of credit. In practice, restricted by huge transactions, or by stocking , transportation , marketing and funding constraints, goods are always delivered in a phased manner, co […]

China container shipping guide: Practical Advice On Pricing

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Cheap Sea Container Shipping For Your China Products: Practical Advice On Pricing It seems very difficult for new importers to figure out the container shipping in China. Why should we use container shipping? How to get container shipping quotes? How to compare and get a cheap quote? How to choose shipping fo […]