This article is translated from a third party sourcing manager's dairy, it doesn't represent Chinawhy's opinion. But we think the perspective in his article is very helpful to overseas buyers, to understand and manage the relation with Chinese supplier.   Many overseas buyers told m […]

Managing relationship with Chinese supplier Part 3 Follow the common sense

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Managing the relationship with suppliers is not easy, we knew that. Miscommunication can lead to dispute, misunderstanding destroy the chemistry between the supply chain, misinformation cause improper decision and bad results. The question is not if, but how! How should we communicate with Chinese suppl […]

Manage relationship with Chinese suppliers part 2 – The communication

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My friend Oswaldo runs several companies in Brazil, he buy products from China and sell them in Brazil. He recently complained to me that one of his Chinese suppliers act arrogantly and didn't respond to his questions very well. They are negotiating the letter of intent, the Chinese suppliers kept a […]

Managing the relationship with Chinese suppliers is not easy, the cultural difference, the language issue, the communication problem, China has another social system, different business culture and practice.   Managing the relationship with Chinese suppliers is not that difficult at all, if you can answ […]