Electronics products sourcing in China: Things you need to know

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Electronic products are always best sellers on the market. With young people being the major consumer group, the electronic products are upgraded frequently. Among all enquires Chinawhy received, the electronic products sourcing inquiries has always been the most.   In sourcing electronic products […]

Source Chinese suppliers with google advanced search commands

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Everyone use search engine to search Chinese suppliers, but I am not sure that everyone is familiar with the advanced search command you could use to source suppliers accurately. We are sourcing faucets for a South American buyers, combined with suppliers sourced from other platforms, we need to find a […]

Drop shipping from china: what products to buy

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It is a trend that not only big buyers, but small buyers(such as retailers, ebay sellers, small businesses owners) are starting to directly buy for Chinese factories. The benefit of drop shipping is that you don’t have to keep inventory, you don’t have to rent warehouses, you don’t even ne […]

Finding buying agents in China: 6 things you should know Part 2

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Hidden commission It is a public secret that many sourcing agents demand commission from the suppliers. Getting commission from supplier means your buying agents and the suppliers become alliances, they will not push for the best price otherwise the suppliers won’t happily to give them the commiss […]

Finding buying agents in China: 6 things you should know Part 1

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When your import from china business grows, you need to find a Chinese buying agent, here is where the problem come from. you don’t know how and where to find a purchasing agent; Should you sign a contract with them, if yes, what clauses to put on the contract? How can you tell if they are trustworthy […]

Buying small quantity from china: things you should know

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China is world factory. Buying directly from factory is cheap. But you will find it is not an easy job and enjoyable experience to buy small quantity from Chinese factory. In this article, we will guide you how and where you could buy small volume from china. Chinese factories set high MOQ Small bus […]

Trading company Vs. Factory Part 2

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We have discussed the advantage and disadvantage of China factory in part 1, in part 2, we will talk about the pros and cons of dealing with Chinese trading company, including trading companies in Hongkong and Taiwan.   The Advantage The service attitude Trading company knows better of […]

How to import from China?

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This article is not for senior buyers(you already know how to buy goods from China). This article is for new importers. As a sourcing agent, trading company and manufacturing business in China, we would like to share our 2 cents during years of experience selling and exporting products to overseas buyers. […]

Recently many clients expressed their concerns to me that their Chinese factories wanted to increase price, they tried to figure out what happened and what might happen in the near future with made-in-china products price. The price rise is inevitable There are many factors contributing to the recen […]

Dealing with Chinese suppliers that don’t have import and export rights

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Our partner in East Europe recently ran into a problem, he bought from a Guangzhou-based company, the supplier don’t have import and export rights(or import and export certificate) to deal with the exportation directly.   We have helped our partner to verify the supplier, that facto […]

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