Scammed by Chinese Supplier, What can you do? Part 1 Dispute or Scam makes difference

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I like to receive emails from readers, but I don’t like sad emails like “ I think I am scammed by a Chinese supplier, I made the payment, they never send products”.

This hard fact remind you that this world is far from a perfect place. There is trap, tricks, bad and evil people, who hide themselves in the shadow, waiting you to drop into the trap.

I hate these bad people.

I think it is my responsibility to write this article, to share our experience in how to deal with scammers in China, how to fight them, and how to get the money back.

1)Scam Vs Dispute
It is really important to distinguish scam from dispute, as we use different strategy to resolve dispute or fight scammer.

If a supplier disappear after getting deposit, it is scam;
If a supplier fail to deliver the products for whatever excuse they invented and refused to refund money, it is scam;
If they say they will refund the payment, but they never did, it is scam;
If they send you stone when you buy mobile phone, it is scam(don’t laugh, it happens)
In essence, in case of scam, the supplier never intend to deliver the products you ordered, they try to steal your money and run away.

If the supplier deliver the products, but the quality is not as good as it is required in contract, it is dispute.
If the supplier delayed the shipping, and refused to compensate you for late shipping, it is dispute.
If supplier try to increase price after you wire deposit, they tell you if you don’t agree they will cancel the contract and return the deposit, which cause you loss, but they don’t want to take responsibility, it is dispute.
In essence, in case of dispute, the supplier is trying to deliver, but there is discrepancy in what is delivered than what is required to deliver by contract.

2) Police or Court

For dispute, it can be solved through legal action(lawyer's letter, arbitration, lawsuit), in some cases, you can get in a debt collection agency.

For scam, the most and only effective solution is to report the scammer to local police, get the police to catch them, get the money back.

What scammer will usually do when they steal your money? they will hide themselves, try to spend or hide the money, try to run away. Some scammers that have the ball will stay in the office, but very alertic, they will see what action you will take, and they are prepared to run away anytime, their bag are packed.

If you sue them at court, the court will try to send notice of appearance to the scammer(if they prepared to run away, this is a notice to tell them to run away as the buyer is taking legal action), if the scammer is intelligent enough, they will know the procedure of lawsuit, they then use the money they cheated from you to hire a lawyer to represent him(her), if they lose the first trial, they will appeal, if they lose again, they will try not to perform the verdict.

And 2 year passed as the litigation going on, within these 2 years, they use the same tricks to cheat more buyers.

This is ridiculous, isn't it?

The right solution is to report the case to police, police locate and arrest the scammer, siese their bank accounts, then the scammer will be prosecuted, and thrown into jail. During the prosecution, the buyer can file an incidental civil action to get back the money and ask for compensation.

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