Buy Chemical Products from China: Beware of the Professional Scammers Part 1

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I am making a Chinese supplier blacklist today reported to us by Chinawhy Clients and users, we are surprised to see that nearly 50% scam stories come from chemical industry.

Going through all these complaints and documents, we found many stories are alike, seems the scammers graduated from same university, taught by same teacher.

Now, ladies and gentleman, if you are planning or are currently importing chemical products from China, read the following carefully, learn your lesson, avoid the same mistake.

Trick No.1 Disappear after Getting Deposit
These type of scammers will try to hook you with unbelievable low price, they are enthusiastic to do business with you, they don’t sleep at all, wait till late night(when you get up in your country) every day to communicate with you, they don’t accept L/C, only accept T/T, some maybe request 100% deposit, if not, then 50%, and then 30%.

All the way till you make the deposit to them.

They still keep cool until the deadline of shipping come, then one delay after another, they will find excuses(holiday, customs issue, shipping agent delay), and suddenly one day they ignore your contact by email, telephone or online messenger. They disappeared.

This kind of scammers are normally newly incorporated trading company(less than 2 years) or offshore company in Hongkong.

Trick No. 2 Sending Wrong Products, Even Stone
A few months ago, a US client contacted us, request verification service towards a supplier in Hebei, with initial research, we suggested the buyer not to spend money verifying this supplier, as we found they are very fishy.

Despite of the warning, the buyer go ahead to deal with this supplier, last week, we got an email from him:
“I believed I just got scammed by a china supplier.
I ordered alu wheels scrap but rcvd bags of soil.

Is there any legal measures that I can take? Kindly help.”.

The client should blame himself for the following:
a.    didn’t do due diligence properly
b.    didn’t do container loading supervision(especially for chemical products, yeah, I know this example is not chemical products).

Back 2 years ago, our Ecuadorian partner told us that they received wrong(cheaper) products from Hebei suppliers(yes, also from Hebei), while they are buying Mono Ethylene Glycol.

Since that, I have suggested all the chemical buyers to do container loading supervision for new supplier and for big order. For orders that need to do laboratory test, must pick sample for lab test during container loading process, not earlier, otherwise, you don’t know if the products have been replaced or not.

As chemical products is hard to tell with human eyes, so it would better to use a combination of lab test + during loading inspection to make sure the products they delivered are the products you ordered.

For scammers in electronics industry, they use same tricks very often. I have heard buyers receive stones or shoes while ordering iPhone.

Trick No. 3 Send Inferior or Bad Quality Products
We have a South African buyer trying to buy Urea 46 from China, according to our research, the market price(based on the research of price index of main wholesale market in China, and quotation from main suppliers in China), the price should be something like FOB China Port USD 350 to USD400.

The buyer is trying to buy at USD 270/ton, which we give them warning. However, searching the internet, he does get some quotation around USD270/ton, unanimously small new trading companies. Registered in city A, but operate in a city in another province.

It end up the client receiving Urea 23, instead of Urea 46.

Chemical suppliers often use this trick to play with buyers, quoted price for high grade products, while delivering interior grade products.

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