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   Trade Expert
       Steven Chow
Education Background
Mr. Chow received his bachelor's degree in both international trade and international trade law from Shenyang University's School of law in 2001. Mr.Chow is a columnist of Alrroya, the leading business daily in Dubai,UAE and Sourcer magazine, which provide guide to 35,000 buyers all around the world.

Employment Experience
-Sales Manager and Director of Board, Sanmen Yuanxiang Plastics & Rubber Co.,Ltd, Taizhou, China, (2006 - present)
As second largest shareholder and director of board, in charge of domestic and overseas marketing.

-Founder, www.chinwhy.net, Harbin, China, (2006- present)

Provide sourcing, company verification, quality inspection etc. trade related services to foreign small and medium size companies.
Provide business and legal consulting services to foreign companies, including worldlawdirect.com, Q Technology(beijing), A.Z.O group
Provide Chinese online marketing and research consulting service to overseas marketing firm,such as Entertain intelligence(UK), ADMAX Plus(Thailand), Media Insightful(US).

-Sales manager, Zhaode International Investment Co., Ltd, Harbin, China, (2005-2006)
Manage the Supply Chain for high-volumn, time-sensitive goods like footwear and apparel.
Organize and coordinate sourcing, production, shipping and exportation.
Ensure a good team atmosphere and positive employee relationships.
Fostered and maintained strong communication and business relationships with all clients and suppliers.

-Sales Manager, Dafumen International Trading L.L.C, Dubai, U.A.E, (2003-2005)
Set up the subsidiary company in Dubai
Manage footwear and textile trading between Dubai, U.A.E and Keqiao, China

-International Salesman, Taizhou Jiaoguang Import & Export Co., Ltd, Taizhou, China, (2001-2003)
Sell UL approved Christmas lights to U.S and Canada market, clients include Target, Home Depot
Handle export documentary

Area of Specialty
International trade, investment, China marketing, online marketing.

      Quality Assurance Expert
       Wang Rui
Education Background
Mr.Wang is a senior quality assurance expert with 15+ years quality inspection experience. He is a regional QC manager of SGS(Tianjin Branch), prior to that, he worked for a Chinese Fortune 500 company, as chief quality engineer of 30+ subsidiary companies. Mr.Wang has helped Chinawhy set up a network of seasoned quality inspectors around the country, as a senior partner, he is in charge of the quality inspection department of Chinawhy.

Employment Experience
-Regional QC manager, SGS, Switzerland , (2006 - present)
Manage 30+ quality inspectors team of SGS, Tianjin branch
Provide quality inspection service to 600+ western companies during his service in SGS
In charge of the quality inspection operation in North China(Hebei province, Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong Province)

-Chief QC Engineer, Haotian( TianJin )International Trading Co., Ltd, Tianjin, China, (1995- 2006)
As chief QC engineer, Mr.Wang was in charge of the QC departments of 30 subsidiary companies
Develop QC process, recruit QC team of subsidiary companies.

Area of Specialty
Quality control, testing and certification.

        Associate Attorneys
  Attorney Jiaping
Education Background
Mrs. Jiaping earned her LL.M Degree, from WHITTIER LAW SCHOOL(U.S) in 2004.

Employment Experience
-LAWYER, Beijing Zhongzi LL.P, Beijing , China (2006 to Present)
Provided legal service, especially related to business law, IP,and foreign law
-LAWYER, Vogt & Resnick LL.P, Orange County, California, (March 2005 to 2006 )
Provided consulting and legal advice to US clients who are doing china-related business and worked with American attorneys
-VICE PRESIDENT, AsiaGlobal, LLC., Orange County, California (July 2004 to March 2005)
Provides consulting and legal advice to US clients who are doing business to China.
-LAWYER, East Associates Law Firm, Beijing, China(1998 to 2001)
One of the largest law firms in China and top 500 Asian law firms.
Specialized in Intellectual Property law.
-DIVISION MANAGER, China Star Corporation for International Economic&Technical Cooperation, Beijing, China (1992 to 1997)
Provided counseling to foreign enterprises on human resources management and labor contract related issues.

Areas of Practice
International trade, Foreign investement.
Attorney Baojun Chen
Education Background
Ms.Chen received her bachelor's degree in Administration and Management, from the University of Zhengzhou in 2001. She earned her master's degree of International Business Law and European Trade, from Anglia Ruskin University(UK) in 2005.

Employment Experience
-DIVISION MANAGER, Beilang Law Office, Beijing , China (2005 to Present)
Deals especially with foreign investment, the enterprise's purchase and annexation, and stock transformation.
-LAWYER, Qianwen Law firm, Beijing , China(1997)
Performed contract drafting, reviewing and business negotiation.
Represented 5 large Chinese companies including Xuji Electric Power and Zhongsheng Medical Cooperation.
Provided legal advice in areas of registration of intellectual property. Enforcement and protection. Established, reviewed and modified intellectual property management; trademark and patent strategies; investigation; and litigation and arbitration of intellectual property contracts and rights.

Areas of Practice
Intellectual property, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, international trade, business litigation, tax.

PR & Media Expert
Matt Young
Education Background
Mr. Young received his master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 2002. He earned bachelor's degrees in English literature and Hispanic studies from Washington College in 2001.

Employment Experience
-Founder, editor & publisher, bizCult.com, Beijing, China (January 2008 to Present).
Publishes humorous commentary and podcasts on how to do better business in China.
-Business editor, Beijing Review, Beijing, China (2006-2007).
Edited and wrote business feature stories for the China's only English-language news magazine.
-Health care correspondent, Asia Times Online, Washington D.C. (2005-2006)
Wrote features related to the Chinese health care sector
-Senior writer, EyeWorld magazine, Washington D.C. (2003-2006)
Wrote and edited for the magazine, published for anterior segment surgeons. Also traveled worldwide to cover and promote ocular surgery conferences.
-Reporter, Northern Virginia Journal, Alexandria, Virginia (2002-2003)
Reported police and court stories, specifically related to the Washington D.C. sniper shootings of 2002.

Areas of Specialty
China business issues, China and international media, journalism, website development.

Investment Expert
Gary Nicholson
Mr. Gary Nicholson, Chairman and CEO of Q Technologies, a start-up company in 2007 has orders worth over $1M in 2008 for advanced software controls technologies for Power Plant optimization in China.

Employment experience
He worked at Rolls-Royce from 1985 to 2000 and was the Director of Rolls Royce Advanced Controls, and SVP of Data Systems and Solutions. Mr. Nicholson was involved with the installation of every Nuclear, Coal Fired and Gas Fired Power plant built by Rolls Royce throughout that time period. His experience includes over 20 DCS Systems, Turbine Controls, Burner Controls, Excitation Systems, Governing Systems, Nuclear Control Systems and just about every possible software and control system in a modern power plant including Information Technology.

Gary Nicholson CEO of Pegasus Technologies from 2000 to 2006. In 2006 Pegasus was bought out by Neuco its main competitor and Nicholson became an Administrative Director of Neuco from May 2006 to March 2007.

Area of Specialty