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Top Trade Community:
FobShanghai ᾿No.1 export and import forum in China, covering all aspects of international trade, including export, import, trade show, logistics, certification, job, documentation.
Wtoqc ᾿Popular community for quality inspectors in China
Alibaba ᾿Alibaba community has huge user base, you could ask trade related questions to Ask It Expert, the sticky and recommended articles on the forums are worth reading, however, the forums are full of spam messages.
Import & Export Documents format download:
Purchase Contract
Commercial Invoice
Proforma Invoice
Packing List
Certificate of Origin
Shipping Order
Non-disclosure Agreement
Trade Portals:
Alibaba English ᾿Alibaba international is the No.1 platform to import from China, with more than 830,000 paid verified suppliers (including Alibaba China). The advantage of Alibaba, compared to Globalsources, is the quantity and variety of suppliers and products.
Alibaba China ᾿The only Chinese trade portal we recommend to export to China, full of Chinese wholesale buyers.
Globalsources ᾿Once the leader in trade portal. High membership fee. High quality suppliers. Far less sellers and products, compared with Alibaba. Globalsources.com is better known for magazine, trade fair promotion than online promotion.
Made in China ᾿quality trade portal, similar to Alibaba, but much smaller size, membership fee higher than Alibaba. A google supplementary to Alibaba.
Taobao ᾿dominating C2C ecommerce site in China.
Tmall ᾿B2C channel of Taobao, sellers are verified by Taobao
Dhgate - wholesaler of apparel, cell phones, electronics, handbags, wedding dresses and more.
Small volume wholesale or retail.
Chinavasion ᾿Grassroot B2C wholesaler/retailer of electronics products.
CIETAC - China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, with branches in
In Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. General foreign involved arbitration should be
Submitted to this organization.
CMAC ᾿Specialty arbitration commission for maritime matters.
Real-time RMB exchange rate ᾿Real time RMB exchange rate to major foreign currency released
By Bank of China
China HS code search ᾿China HS code classification, with English description for each HS code
Trade show:
Canton Fair
East China Fair
Yiwu Fair
Industry Association:
China National Garment association
China National Textile & Apparel Council
China Association of Automobile Manufactures
China Iron and Steel Association
China Machine Tool and Tool Builders᾿Association
China Composites Industry Association
China Plastic Machine Industry Association
China Die & Mould Industry Association
China Plastics Processing Industry Association
China National Furniture Association
Insurance Associate of China
China Optometric & Optical Association
Chinese Association of Refrigeration
China Battery Association
China Cement Association
China Instrument Manufacturers Association
China Toy Association
China Musical Instruments Association
China Logistics Association
China National Hardware Association
China Bicycle Association
Horology Association of China
China Packaging Federation
China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association
China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine
China Feather and Down Industrial Association
China Print Association
China Paper Association
China Arts & Crafts Association
China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries
China Fisheries Association
Ministry of Commerce
China Customs
Administration of Taxation
China Council for the promotion of International trade(CCPIT)
Ministry of Finance
Standardization Administration
Administration for Industry and Commerce(AIC)
Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine
Sourcing in Asian Resources:
  Manufacturers in Vietnam - Find high quality suppliers in Vietnam and work with international quality assurance professionals